About Us


Threading is an ancient method of hair removal. A cotton thread is doubled, twisted, and used to roll over areas of unwanted hair. The hair is plucked at the follicle level. It provides more control in shaping eyebrows and is gentler on skin. It can pinch slightly, but this last only for a second.”

Master brow artist and entrepreneur Gita is known as the “brow queen” in the Carolinas. She has become one of the most highly sought after brow shaping experts on the East Coast and those who use her love her! With nine years experience, as a licensed cosmetologist, she has truly mastered the art of shaping brows. Her talent is undeniable! Using the brow shaping method called “threading” she expertly shapes each individual’s brows to their maximum potential of what best suits the client’s facial structure. No matter the shape of your brows when you arrive, you’ll surely walk away with the arch you’ve always dreamed of and deserve.

In 2014 Gita founded Victoria’s Brows and Beauty which is nestled in the town of Monroe, North Carolina. A place where truly beautiful eyebrows are made, discovered, and perfected! Gita makes every client feel special with her individualized technique and you are sure to leave with a top-notch arch created by a top-notch master brow artist!