Victorias Signature Facial         $75.00

50 Minutes: Luxury with longer masque and massage time, perfect for any skin type looking to relax.

Wrinkle Reversal Facial        $75.00

50 minutes: Vitamin rich intensive moisturizing for even the most dull, dehydrated and damage skin, with deeper exfoliation leaving skin looking healthy & young.

Mens Maintenance Facial $75.00

50 minutes: Relaxation catering to men with problems from outbreaks to ingrown hairs, this facial with an extra towel wrap will leave even beards refreshed.

Clear & Cooling Facial       $75.00

50 minutes: The perfect punch to eliminate breaking Balm Mint, Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Extra exfoliation & cleaning masque.

Calm & Collected Facial         $75.00

50 minutes: A custom cocktail for red and itchy skin specially formulated with no colors or fragrances leaving the most sensitive skin balanced.

Richly Repairing Facial         $45.00

30 minutes: Powerful peptides with help produce plump & dewy skin of any age with a boost of collagen.

Cheek Chilling Facial            $49.00

30 minutes: Specially facial that works to constrict pores with a temperature controlled face plunge with coded eye pads, one of out most unique facial treatments yet.

Breakout Buster                $49.00

30 minutes: A targeted treatment focused on cleansing & extractions, removing built-up impurities and re-balancing the skin with oil free moisturizer.